Chief of Staff

Mr. Sam Stevquoah
Mr. Sam Stevquoah
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The Office of the Vice President is manned by a 40 person staff and is located at the Capitol Building in Monrovia.  The team of staff is headed by Sam Stevquoah, in his capacity as “Chief of Staff.”  Mr. Stevquoah has a long and splendid record as a manager and an administrator.  He has worked as a Journalist, General Manager, Community Activist, Private Businessman, Financial Advisor, Financial Manager, Social Worker, and Managerial Consultant.  In addition to Liberia, he has lived and worked in Germany and the United States.

Mr. Stevquoah is described by his colleagues and coworkers alike as a goal-getter and a “no nonsense” manager who is very uncompromising on matters affecting the office of the Vice President.  Since his appointment, Mr. Stevquoah has been able to build an effective team of dedicated employees, who serve the Second Family of the Republic of Liberia in the office and also at home.

Mr. Stevquoah holds a Masters Degrees in Administration and Financial Management.