President Sirleaf Arrives in Greenville City; Commissions Marine Crafts

Monday, 20th March 2017

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Greenville, Sinoe County: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has arrived in Greenville City, Sinoe County at the start of the third leg of her county tour, which takes her to the south-eastern part of Liberia.

At the Samuel Alfred Ross Port of Greenville, President Sirleaf commissioned four marine crafts - one patrol boat, pilot boat as well as two tug boats.

According to an Executive Mansion release, the Liberian leader, who departed Monrovia early Monday morning, March 20, 2017, will visit Grand Kru, Maryland and River Gee counties in continuation of her county tour.

Upon arriving in Greenville City, Sinoe County, President Sirleaf was officially welcomed to the county and presented the traditional kola nuts by chiefs, elders and traditional leaders including the county superintendent Prosper Brown. Thereafter she attended an interactive town hall meeting in Bilibokree with citizens and residents.

President Sirleaf made several stopovers along the route to Greenville City and interacted with citizens. She presented food and non-food items especially to women, students, youths who lined the route to welcome the Liberian leader.

En route to the town hall meeting in Bilibokree, President Sirleaf was joined by the county legislative caucus and broke grounds for the construction of a modern community college in Greenville.

Performing the ground breaking ceremony, President Sirleaf said the construction of a community college will decentralize higher education and enhance quality education. She pledged her government’s commitment in getting the construction work started.

The Liberian leader also made a brief stopover at the offices of Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) Company in Butaw District to familiarize herself with activities of GVL. She used the opportunity to thank the management for the investment and commended them for signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the citizens that seeks to establish mutual understanding among them regarding GVL’s specific obligations and social responsibility to the citizens.

President Sirleaf, however, noted that she wishes to see GVL begin exporting oil that will enhance economic activities in the county.

For his part, GVL’s senior vice president for operation, Viganeswaran Vigy Ponnnudurai, thanked President Sirleaf for the visit and disclosed plans by the company to commission its palm mill in July and will subsequently begin exporting oil out of Liberia. He used the occasion to extend an invitation to the Liberian president to commission the mill in July.

At the town hall meeting in Bilibokree, Juarzon District, President Sirleaf commended citizens and residents for electing her twice as president and for keeping the peace.

She said she was pleased that the citizens of Butaw and GVL signed an MOU to improve conditions and enhance mutual understanding between and among themselves. President Sirleaf noted that she was delighted that over 2,000 persons have been employed at GVL and is looking forward to more employment for the people of the district and county.

President Sirleaf commended the leadership of the Sinoe County legislative caucus as well as the citizens for sustaining the peace and called on them to continue maintaining and keeping the peace.

Sinoe County superintendent, Prosper K. Browne, making remarks during the town hall gathering, thanked President Sirleaf for the confidence reposed in him and his colleagues to serve their people.

He acknowledged the tremendous development efforts President Sirleaf has done for the people of Sinoe County for which they are grateful for her leadership role. Among other things, Superintendent Browne highlighted developments in the educational, health, security and economic sectors.

For his part, the chairman of Sinoe County legislative caucus, Senator Joseph Nagbe, said there is need for the people of the county to live in unity; adding, “We should learn to live together; politics should not divide us but instead enhance our abilities,” he said. He praised President Sirleaf for all the development initiatives in the county.

Meanwhile, the Liberian leader has commissioned four marine crafts - one patrol boat, one pilot boat as well as two tug boats at the Samuel Alfred Ross Port of Greenville.

Commissioning the marine crafts, President Sirleaf commended the managing director of the National Port Authority (NPA), Mr. David Williams, and NPA management for their commitment and dedication. “This tells us how much we have done and that we need to do more,” she said.

The Liberian leader pointed out the Prime Minister of Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, will be visiting Liberia shortly and called on the management of the National Port Authority to organize appropriate programs to thank the Kuwaiti prime minister for his assistance to the port of Greenville.

President Sirleaf reminded the audience that there is still much more to do with the time left; stressing, “We have not finished yet. We’ve got plenty work to be done. Our commitment goes until somebody else takes over from us,” she emphasized.

Speaking earlier, the NPA’s managing director, David Williams, commended President Sirleaf for the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the reconstruction and development of Liberia. Mr. Williams said the commissioning of the navigational equipment by President Sirleaf was further manifestation of government’s desire to enhance the port’s operational efficiency.

He extended profound thanks and appreciation to the Government and people of Kuwait whose partnership with the Government of Liberia under the Kuwait Loan Agreement purchased the navigational equipment, which he said will spur economic activities in the southeastern region through increased vessel movements, job-creation, revenue generation and fast turnaround time of vessels.

Following the commissioning ceremony, President Sirleaf attended a Intercessory and Thanksgiving Service organized by the religious community of Greenville City, held in her honor at the J. Dominic Bing City Hall.

Addressing the Intercessory and Thanksgiving Service, the Liberian president underscored the need for reflection. She thanked God for his manifold blessing bestowed upon Liberia all these many years, which she said have made things possible; adding, “Today, our reflection is making the impossible possible,” she observed.

She said, “God has made a way for our nation; just think about where he has taken us from in those difficult days of our disease when we fought an unknown enemy we did not know. We could not touch; we could not see; but in the midst of all the predictions that many of our people will die, the Liberian people stood up and said no.” President Sirleaf pointed out that Liberia is ranked as the lead country that fought the disease with the strongest determination.

The Liberian leader thanked God for the strength and grace upon her life amid the many challenges. She commended citizens and residents for keeping the peace; adding, “May we leave from here tonight by recommitting ourselves to the nation; recommitting ourselves to peace; recommitting ourselves to reconciliation, and recommitting to doing all we can to make Liberia a better place not just for us but for that person next door,” President Sirleaf told the congregation.

She noted that Liberia has a great future if Liberians can just put aside their differences and become one people with the same objective, commitment and purpose, which will make Liberia blessed.

In her meditation, Rev. Mother Luvena R. Ellie, senior pastor of the World of Life Universal Church of Christ in Greenville City, who spoke on the theme: “The Joy of Restoration,” said the return of Liberians after the war show that God was doing something in the lives of Liberians for which they ought to be grateful for.

She said Liberians should look up to God and praise him because God has taken them out of captivity; noting, “God has blessed Liberia and God can do it again if we put our trust in him and not man,” Rev. Ellie said.

The county tour is amongst other things intended to acknowledge and appreciate citizens for keeping 11 years of uninterrupted peace and for electing her twice as President of the Republic of Liberia.