River Gee Citizens Heap Praises on President Sirleaf; Recognized as First President to Visit Barrobo…

Monday, 27th March 2017

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Fish Town, River Gee County: Citizens of River Gee County in Southeastern Liberia have heaped praises on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her continued commitment to development in Giver Gee County. They lauded her outstanding leadership demonstrated over the past 11 years especially development initiatives undertaken in River Gee County.

According to an Executive Mansion release, the statement was contained in remarks delivered on behalf of the people of Kononwroken City, Webbo Statutory District, River Gee County by Hon. Charles K. Barley, Representative District #3, River Gee County during an interactive Town Hall Meeting with citizens and residents.

The citizens said President Sirleaf has done well for the people of River Gee County particularly, Webbo Statutory District and its neighborhoods. They outlined 17 different projects undertaken by the government under her leadership including the construction of a modern high school, empowerment of girls and women, recognition of chiefs and elders, roads construction and rehabilitation. Representative Barley said history will remember President Sirleaf for restoring the reputation of Liberia that was ruined for decades but today Liberians are once more respected across the world.

Representative Barley then presented a plaque with the photograph of President Sirleaf as a clear manifestation of her outstanding contribution to the people of River Gee County and Liberia at large.

Also making remarks were youth groups, chiefs, elders and women commended President Sirleaf for transforming and bringing light to River Gee County in various forms. They said President Sirleaf is one the best Presidents Liberia will forever remember and cherish after she shall have left power. They noted for the past 11 eleven years, there has been peace throughout the country something they said signifies that President Sirleaf is a true leader of the people.   

Responding, President Sirleaf thanked the people of Webbo Statutory District and River Gee in general for electing her twice to serve as their President and for keeping the peace for 11 years. She told the citizens of River Gee that they have a special place in her heart for which she had come to say thank you to them.

She said during the campaign when she traveled all over the county, the Chiefs in River Gee took her under a tree and predicted that she would have won the elections and true to that - she won. She said the prediction was a wise one for which she has come today to say “Thank You” for giving me power and for electing two times to the Presidency.

The Liberian leader admonished the citizens of River Gee to continue to be good and patriotic and always seek the path of peace and hard work. “I want you to be stronger; and more united in the remaining months to continue what we have accomplished together for a better Liberia,” she told the citizens of Webbo.

Prior to the Interactive Town Hall Meeting, President Sirleaf made several stops along the route to Fish Town City, River Gee County amid an arousing welcome by citizens of River Gee including traditional chiefs, students, women, men, children, and cultural dancers who lined the route to pay their respect to the Liberian leader.

Before departing for River Gee County, President Sirleaf visited Barrobo District in Maryland County where she dedicated several projects including Administration Building and a modern Market Hall. She said she was pleased to be in Barrobo District and indicated that the people are also part of the Government too. “You are also part of the government; you are a great people; keep on the good work,” she said.

Speaking on behalf of the citizens of Barrobo District, Mason C. Goe said since 1911 when the first Liberian Flag was hoisted, no sitting President has ever visited Barrobo in Maryland County. “This is the first time a sitting Head of State and President to visit Barrobo District.

“Thank you, Madam President, for this historic visit; we will remember you greatly as one of the greatest Presidents of Liberia,” he pointed out.

He said no government has ever laid structure in Barrobo District as your government has done - for which they are grateful to her government.

The Interactive Town Hall Meeting was attended by senior government officials including Internal Affairs Minister, Dr.  Henrique F. Tokpa, Deputy Internal Affairs Minister for Administration, Varney A. Sirleaf, eminent citizens of River Gee County, Students, youth, rural women among others.

President Sirleaf returned to the Capital on Friday following the conclusion of the Third Leg of her County Tour, which took her to Sinoe, Grand Kru, Maryland and River Gee Counties.