President Sirleaf Meets Delegation of Students Against Corruption (SAC); Brainstorms on Consolidating, Sustaining National Fight Against Corruption

Saturday, 22nd July 2017

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Monrovia, Liberia-Thursday, July 20, 2017: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Thursday, July 20, 2017 held talks with a delegation of a youth-based anticorruption organization named "Students Against Corruption" at her Foreign Ministry Office in Monrovia.

According to an Executive Mansion release, the Liberian leader and the students’ group brainstormed on consolidating, enhancing and sustaining the national fight against corruption with the full involvement and participation of young people, particularly student going children.

She praised members of SAC for voluntarily engaging themselves with finding useful ways to contribute to the nation’s fight against a menace that could destroy the fabric of the country if not confronted by every Liberians. President pledged to work with and support SAC in its effort aimed at contributing to Liberia’s corruption fight.

“I am pleased that the war against corruption is now also in the hands of young people. You have my personal support and the support of the Government of Liberia in this journey. The foundation is strong because we have built and strengthened institutions, but corruption is still there and so the fight must continue”, President Sirleaf told the students.

President Sirleaf noted that we must all feel ashamed as a country that corruption is still a problem but added that it is also good that everyone is concerned cum helping the fight and that corruption is being exposed. “It is in homes, schools, religious places, markets, etc. We must fight it together”, she concluded.

For his part, student Daniel Dennis, President of SAC briefed President Sirleaf on the objectives of SAC and efforts being made to aid the fight against corruption. He pointed out that the group is bringing together youths from across the Liberia to raise awareness about corruption-related issues, expose the practice of corruption, developing ideas of fighting it among others.

“We have been working with young people in schools to build a culture in integrity because we are convinced that the current situation with corruption is due to the fact that level of integrity is low among Liberians. And we feel that this is the time to start a process of building integrity if future generation should be able to manage Liberia properly,” he said.

On the state of affairs in Liberia, Lisa Sanoe, Head of Sports and Recreation said, “Madam President, thank you so much because all of us here have not heard the sound of gunfire. You have worked so hard to protect us. We have only heard elderly people talked about the years of war but at least we have not experienced one. We thank God so much for your leadership that is protecting us from war and trouble,” she pointed out. She also pledged that SAC will corruption wherever it presents itself. Special comments were also made by student Henry Sorbah, the Program Manager of SAC.

Over a dozen members of the student anti-corruption body participated in the meeting with President Sirleaf on Thursday.