President Weah Makes More Nominations, Appointments in Government

Tuesday, 27th March 2018


Monrovia, Liberia: President George Manneh Weah has made more nominations and appointments in government affecting the Ministries of Labour, Internal Affairs and Commerce respectively.


Those appointed are:

 Ministry of Labor

Wolobah F. Kollie                              -           Assistant Minister for Statistics and Research

Wilson V. Dumoe                              -           Assistant Minister for Regional Labor Affairs

 Ministry of Internal Affairs

Maryland County:

Mr. J. S. Robin Scott                           -           Development Superintendent

Mr. Anthony B. Harmon                   -           County Inspector

Mr. Aloysius Williams                       -           District Superintendent, Pleebo-Sodoken


Mr. Emmanuel Quire                         -           Dist. Dev. Superintendent, Pleebo-Sodoken


Mr. Otis Nyemah                                -           District Inspector, Pleebo-Sodoken District

Mr. Wellington Kyne                         -           Mayor, Pleebo City

Mr. Habakkuk Williams                    -           Commissioner, Dist. One, Pleebo-Sodoken


Mr. Johnson Badio Wah                   -           Commissioner, Dist. Two, Pleebo-Sodoken


Mr. Johnson K. Williams                   -           Dist. Relieving Commissioner, Pleebo-

                                                                        Sodoken District

Mr. Bullick Nyemah                           -           Township Commissioner, PC Kouh, Gbolorbo,

                                                                        Nemeken, Pleebo-Sodoken District

Karluway Statutory District

Solomon Johnny                                -           Superintendent, Karluway Statutory District

Alphonso Davis                                 -           Dev. Superintendent, Karluway Statutory


D. Nyoon Hinneh                               -           Commissioner, Dist. One, Karluway Statutory


 Peter Kumeh                                      -           Commissioner, Dist. Two, Karluway Statutory


Moses Clayee Hinneh                       -           Commissioner, Yederobo Administrative Dist.

Jacqueline Konneh                            -           Mayor, Karloken City

Charles Richards                               -           Township Commissioner, Gbon Township

Wleteh Nyemah                                 -           Township Commissioner, Tarwaken Township

John Wilson                                       -           Township Commissioner, Yorken Township

Albert Clayea                                     -           Township Commissioner, Warteken Township

Brown Sieh                                        -           Township Commissioner, Yediaken Township

Simpantu Dioh                                   -           District Inspector, Karluway Statutory District

Nathaniel Bedell                                -           Township Commissioner, Andersonville


Isaac Chea                                          -           Township Commissioner, Henogben Township

Olando Kobo                                      -           Township Commissioner, Tubarken Township

Laranzo T. Freeman                         -           Township Commissioner, Nyeneroken Township

 Barrobo Statutory District

J. Gbajulue Toe                                  -           District Superintendent, Barrobo Statutory


Oliver Kuson                                      -           Development Superintendent, Barrobo                                                   

John H. Togba                                    -           Commissioner Whojah District

Sampson J. G. Kamanue                    -           Commissioner, Nyonken District

Winston Blayon                                 -           Mayor, Glofaken City

Paul B. Wesseh                                  -           Township Commissioner, David Toe Township

Daniel Hinneh                                    -           Township Commissioner, Jarye Township

Geewah Toe                                       -           Township Commissioner, Goe Township

Standford Sarfore                             -           Township Commissioner, King Jack Township

Winston D. Tweh                              -           Township Commissioner, Brookville Township

Stanley Joloklean                               -           Township Commissioner, Tugbaville Township

A. Weah Brown                                 -           District Inspector, Barrobo Statutory District

Myer Tiah                                          -           Township Commissioner, Geeson Township

Daniel D. Wesseh                              -           Township Commissioner, Gegloh Township

Clinton Togba                                                -           Township Commissioner, Jaffa Township

Thomas T. Toe                                  -           Township Commissioner, S. S. David Township

Thompson Gaysue                            -           Township Commissioner, Geebadioh Township                                                                            

River Gee County:


Emmanuel D. Waie                            -           City Mayor, Fish Town

Paul S. T. Brooks                               -           County Inspector

Nath. Poka                                          -           County Project Planner

Diana W. Weah                                  -           County Relieving Commissioner

Stephen S. Weah                               -           Stipendiary Magistrate, Tienpo Magisterial


Tienpo Statutory District

David Broh                                        -           District Superintendent

Albert Watoson                                 -           Development Superintendent                    

Ben Quie                                             -           Relieving Commissioner

Adolphus Teably                               -           Commissioner, Kaford District

Myers Satue                                       -           Commissioner, Nanee District

Sam. T. Tarpeh                                  -           City Mayor, Chaikai City

Williams T. Tarpeh                           -           Statutory District Inspector

 Webbo Statutory District

Sam Karbo                                         -           Nyenebo District Commissioner

Matsuslah Hinneh                             -           Township Commissioner

Sophie Smith                                      -           City Mayor, Konowroken

Harris Quiah                                      -           Statutory District Superintendent

Wanner Copeland                             -           Assistant Superintendent for Development

Nathaniel Chuwah                             -           Pawoleyville Township

John Farr                                           -           Township Commissioner

Alexander Dennis                             -           District Commissioner, Tuobo

Robert Dixon                                     -           Relieving Commissioner

Jackpah Jackson                                -           City Mayor, Gbaweleken City, Tuobo

Caroline Dixson                                 -           Township Commissioner

Emmanuel Collins                             -           Statutory District Inspector

Elijah Juwah                                       -           Township Commissioner, Nyetiabo

Albert P.O. Dadieh                             -           Township Commissioner, Jayproville, Klibo

Alex Manson                                      -           Township Commissioner, Wlegboken

Bleede Hinneh                                   -           Township Commissioner, Nyenebo

Sarbo District

Louise T. Barley                                -           District Commissioner

Victoria Jallah                                                -           Township Commissioner

Nathaniel Wesseh                             -           City Mayor, Sweaken City

Shade Barchea                                  -           Township Commissioner, Kiteabo Township

Glaro District

Harris Teah                                       -           District Commissioner

Alphonso Nyanue                             -           Glaro Township Commissioner

Alexander Nyenebe                          -           Township Commissioner, Qualabo

Gbeapo Statutory District

Seide Weiah                                       -           Statutory District Superintendent

Odecious Poree                                 -           Assistant Superintendent for Development

Sylvester Toe                                     -           District Commissioner

Patrick Wuo                                       -           District Inspector

Kesseilee Wion                                  -           Township Commissioner, Nyanwrilan Township

Gabriel Poure                                                -           Relieving Commissioner

Robert W. Kargbah                           -           District Commissioner

Jerome Chelleh                                  -           City Mayor, Kaweaken City

Gbatawo Wuo                                    -           Township Commissioner, Drugbo Township

Alfred Jorh                                         -           Township Commissioner, Wessehville Township

Nyenawirken District

Sylvester Toe                                     -           District Commissioner

Albert K. Dwight                                -           Township Commissioner, Sayeepo Township

George Poure                                                -           Township Commissioner, Flewroken Township

Jonah D. Tweh                                   -           City Mayor, Killiken City

Chedepo District

J. Bolton Dwehseuen                                    -           District Commissioner

Fulton Pah                                         -           Township Commissioner

Quiee Nyanmah                                 -           Township Commissioner