Security and Protocol Regulations

The President’s Scheduling and Events Procedures

To enable the President to be as accessible to the citizens of Liberia as she wants to be, and be able to focus at the same time on the intense work required to rebuild Liberia, the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs would like to solicit your kind cooperation in adhering to the following Security and Protocol procedures when seeking audiences, meetings, interviews and/or the President’s participation in events. These procedures are already in effect and will allow us to provide better service to the people of Liberia.


When requesting audiences or meetings with the President:

1. Submit a formal and/or emailed letter addressed to the Ministry of State. [email: ]

2. The letter should include:

• The names of all persons hoping to attend (including titles)

• Contact telephone numbers (and email address if possible)

• The purpose of the meeting and requested agenda/list of talking points

• Background to your organization and recent achievements (if  appropriate)

• Profiles of foreign dignitaries/guests.


3. The Protocol Office may contact you for further information before submitting your request to the President. They will not be able to process your request until in full possession of the information required.


4. Please note that if your request is accepted, your appointment may be scheduled within a 4 week period (not immediately).


5. If your audience is scheduled, you may be requested to submit a short briefing note on key issues and/or challenges for substantive meetings.


6. If your meeting is scheduled, please arrive 30 minutes before the stated time for standard security checks. Please note that formal business or African attire is appropriate for those meeting the President.


7. Except for emergencies or external commitments, NO appointments will be made on Mondays.


Please refer potential investors and prospectors to the National Investment Commission as the President will not meet with them.

Invitations to Events

1. Invitations (cards or letters) must be submitted thirty (30) days prior to the event. This is to allow the Office of the President enough time to assess the President’s schedule and respond to your request.

2. The invitation should include:

• Background to your organization and the event;
• Details of what role you hope the President can fulfill;
• If available, a draft program and guest list for the event.

3. Please note that an invitation once submitted does not guarantee the President’s participation. A written letter of consent from the Office of the President or a response to an invitation is required to announce the President’s participation or to include her name on the program.

4. If your request is accepted, after you receive a letter confirming the President’s participation from the Ministry of State, you will be required to submit a program and guest list no less than 10 working days before the event. The Protocol Office will collaborate on the final program to enable the President to fit her attendance into her full schedule.


5. The President’s participation in programs will be limited to one hour unless advised otherwise.

Interview Requests

All requests from media institutions for interviews and/or audiences with the President should be directed to the Public Affairs Department (The Office of the Communications Director to the President/Press Secretary of the President. Email / Please note that requests to other Ministry of State staff will be redirected as indicated above.

President’s Residence

Other than that granted personally by the President, access to the President’s Residence is not open to the General Public. Please note that Security now requires all persons to be registered at the gate and subjected to checks.

We appreciate your kind and wholehearted cooperation. Let’s Lift Liberia together!

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