26 February Press Brief

Monday, 26th February 2007
Members of the Press:

Welcome once again to another weekly Press Briefing.  It is good to be back home after nearly two weeks away from the country attending the Partnership Forum and other follow up activities.

  • The recently concluded Liberia Partnership Forum and the Liberia Private Sector Forum, you all would agree was a great success towards the country’s development and reconstruction drive. The President, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, upon arrival from the Conference, did promise to give a full report to the nation at a later date.  The President will address the nation on the significance of the debt cancellation and other stages required for Liberia to be on the path for total debt relief.
  • The President will also speak about events in neighboring Guinea, and current efforts by sub-regional leaders to ameliorate the situation and minimize the political tension in the country. The President, you will recall, held consultations last week with President Lansana Conte, accompanied by President Tejan Kabbah.

The President on Sunday returned from Kigali, Rwanda following a visit to that country, where she was honored as part of programs marking the climax of the tenth anniversary of the Rwandan Women Parliamentary Forum. Among other activities, the President held bilateral discussions with President Kigame and other key ministers of the Government of Rwanda.

President Sirleaf, you may know, played a major role toward Rwanda’s recovery efforts, when she served as Head of the Africa Bureau, that showed sympathy, solidarity and concrete action which led Rwanda to the first Donor Conference. The People of Rwanda remembered the President for her role and honored her accordingly.  The President will be providing more details on the events in Kigali during the last five days of her visit.

  • The Liberian leader will also comment on other topical national issues during the statement to the nation, which will be carried live on ELBC at 2:00 p.m., and relayed by all the major local radio stations.

I thank you, and will now take your questions.