President Sirleaf Commends Rochas Foundation

Monday, 13th November 2017
President Sirleaf, Governor Okorochas chats.
President Sirleaf, Governor Okorochas chats.
Monrovia, Liberia: President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has commended and visited the Rochas Foundation African College and met with, among whom were five Liberian children in attendance. 
She commended the Rochas Foundation for bringing together children from across Africa and impacting the lives of young African children. President Sirleaf was accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gender, Education, State without Portfolio, and Liberia’s Ambassador to the Federal Government of the Republic of Nigeria among others. 
“I’ve never experienced anything like the Rochas Foundation. “I could do no less than reflect 25 years ago, in my country when children like them couldn’t go to school because there were no schools. “Children like them were conscripted into the army, where they held guns that were bigger than them,” President Sirleaf noted. 
According to a dispatch from Owerri, Imo State- Nigeria, President Sirleaf made the statement on the campuses of the College when she addressed students of Rochas Foundation. 
Addressing students, she recounted how thing have changed from previous years especially in her country and how ingenuities such as this one have helped to improve the lives of privileged children, among others. “These ones can now have an opportunity to learn, to excel and to be what they want to be in life, stressing it is an opportunity that not so many children around Africa and the world have, to come together as children of the global family, to share experiences, diverse but unified, there’s nothing more than that,” she emphasized. 
She used the occasion to thank instructors and all of those helping to mold the minds of the students because according to her, the experience has birthed in them, new confidence and hope for the future.
Speaking, State Governor, Rochas Okorocha said President Sirleaf is a pride to Africa and an inspiration to all the women in Africa and beyond, adding that her coming to the State, especially the school was exciting.
Governor Rochas Okorocha said the Foundation was not set up to show wealth, rather a platform to foster the kind of unity Africa desires. “What I do today is not a dramatization of affluence as I am not amongst the richest in Africa, Rochas foundation is a dramatization of sacrifice. “This may as well be the Africa we are looking for, I do know that this institution will grow beyond me and my generation. This may be the beginning of the unity we all crave for in Africa. These children now see themselves as one family,” he said.
He said the appointment of President Sirleaf as member of the Board of Rochas Foundation College with additional responsibilities and named one of the halls in her honor for exemplifying great leadership and selflessness among others is assurance that Rochas Foundation will add additional five children from each country including Liberia to continue to impact Africa. 
Following the ceremony, President Sirleaf tours the facility led by the founder of Rochas Foundation, Rochas Okorochas and wife among others