President Weah Makes More Nominations, Appointments in Government

Monday, 12th March 2018

Monrovia, Liberia - President George Manneh Weah has made more nominations and appointments in Government affecting the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Local Government:

Todee-Rural Montserrado County


David G. Johnson                               -           Assistant Superintendent for Development,

                                                                        Montserrado County

Lester L. Binda                                   -           Statutory Superintendent, Careysburg District

                                                                        Montserrado County

John N. Tucker                                    -           Statutory Superintendent, Todee District,

                                                                        Montserrado County

Daniel S.K. Pabie                                -           Township Commissioner, Tolberta Township,

Todee District

Joseph Kollie                                       -           Township Commissioner,

                                                                        Mount Coffee Township,

                                                                        Todee Statutory, Montserrado County

Nathaniel B. Sackie                            -           Township Commissioner

                                                                        Tubmanville Township, Todee

                                                                        Statutory District, Montserrado County        

Ms. Viola Bridges                               -           Commissioner of Harrisburg Township, Careysburg

                                                                        Statutory District, Montserrado County

Ms. Ruth James                                   -           Township Commissioner

                                                                        Crozierville Township, Careysburg

                                                                        Statutory District, Montserrado County

Thomas Urey                                       -           City Mayor, Careysburg

                                                                        Statutory District, Montserrado County        

Martha Woheel                                   -           City Mayor, Bentol City, Careysburg

                                                                        Statutory District, Montserrado County

Mr. Edward Dartue                            -           Township Commissioner, Louisiana Township

                                                                        Careysburg Statutory District, Montserrado County


Urias Brooks                                       -           Commissioner of White Plaines Township,

                                                                        Careysburg Statutory District, Montserrado County

Augustus Binda                                  -           Township Commissioner, Kingsville

                                                                        Township, Careysburg Statutory District,

                                                                        Montserrado County

Ernest Gargar                                      -           Relieving Commissioner, Office of the County

                                                                        Superintendent, Montserrado County

                                                                        Township, Careysburg Statutory District,

                                                                        Montserrado County              

Solomon Miller                                   -           County Inspector, Montserrado County


Grand Bassa County

Flee A. Glay                                        -           Assistant Superintendent for Development

J. Daniel Willie                                    -           Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs

Moses Haynes                                     -           City Mayor, Buchanan City

Mark Sherman                                     -           County Inspector

Nathaniel G. Gbessagee                      -           President, Grand Bassa Community College

Samuel Grimes Davies                        -           Superintendent, Diahn Blae Statutory District

Samuel A. L. Johnson                         -           City Mayor, Edina City

Jessey Whitefield                                -           Commissioner, New Series Township

Matthew Payne                                   -           Commissioner, Lloydville Township

Harris O. Artis                                                -           Commissioner, Kporkon Administrative District

Daniel Yeke Johnson                          -           Commissioner, Worr Administrative District

Nancy Q. Greene                                -           Statutory Superintendent, District Two

Amos Joe                                            -           Commissioner, Marloi Township

Amos L. Johnson                                -           Commissioner, Administrative District, District Two

James Joe Manyouway                       -           Commissioner, Gwengbo Townhsip

Edward Beyan                                      -          Commissioner, Wholgbarn Township

Daniel Dayyougar                               -           Commissioner, Vambo Township

John Garduah                                      -           Commissioner, District #2

James Brooks                                      -           City Mayor, St. John River City

Solomon T. Banks                               -           Commissioner, Tubmanville Township

Joe S. Paygar                                       -           Superintendent, Wee Statutory District

Edwin Weljay                                     -           City Mayor, Wayzohn City

Lawrence K. Daywoe                         -           Commissioner, Gorblee Administrative District

Joseph Nadeh                                      -           Commissioner, Bleeze Administrative District

William B. Lee                                    -           Commissioner, Nyeanwin Administrative District

Prince E. Mitchell                               -           Land Commissioner, Wee Statutory District

Gus Garmondeh                                  -           Superintendent, Kpogbarn Statutory District

Markie O. Williams                             -           Commissioner, Kpowein Administrative District

Charles Cheedegar                              -           Commissioner, Doegbarn Glador Administrative District

Michael Vambram                               -           District Superintendent, Neekreen Statutory District

Emmanuel K. Taylue                          -           Commissioner, Hardlandsville Township

Lawrence Q. McCauley                      -           Commissioner, Harmonsville Township


Grand Kru County

Ms. Doris N. Ylatun                           -           County Superintendent

Joe M. Sekpeh                                     -           Assistant Superintendent for Development

Karmboe Weah                                   -           County Inspector

Dickonson Simbo                                -           Relieving Commissioner

Benetha Blamo                                   -           City Mayor, Barclayville City

Amajie Siekar                                      -           District Superintendent, Trehn Statutory District

J. Kaydio Wleh                                    District Superintendent, Qualoh-Siklio Statutor  District

Augustine Wolloh              District Development Superintendent, Qualoh-Sikli   Statutory District

William Nmah                         -           District Commissioner, Kplio-Gbetao Statutory


A.    Sarwlee Toe                     -           District Development, Kplio-Gbetao Statutory District

Parker Jlatuh                                      -           District Development Superintendent,

Forpoh Statutory District

Sylvester Tugbe                                 -           District Superintendent, Buah Statutory District

Isaac Weah                                        -           District Development Superintendent,

Buah Statutory District

D. Slaymu Blamoh                              -           District Superintendent, Dorbor Statutory District

Ishmael Sheriff                        District Development Superintendent, Dorbor Statutory District

Manadeh Tarpeh                                 -           District Superintendent, Jlaoh Statutory District

Legory Nifor                                       -           District Superintendent, Jloh Statutory District

Simpson K. Wilson                             -           Fiscal Superintendent


Gbarpolu County

J. Keyah Saah                                     -           Superintendent

Joseph Brutus Akoi                             -           Development Superintendent

Anthony Yorkor                                 -           Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs

Zinnah Norman                                   -           City Mayor, Bopolu City

Alvin S. Kanneh                                 -           Commissioner for Bopolu District

Emmanuel Tokpah                              -           Relieving Commissioner                    

James M. Malickie Kulama                 -           Commissioner for Kongba District

Anthony Yarsiah                                 -           Commissioner for Bokomu District

Mulbah Manow                                   -           Commissioner for Belleh District

Stephen M. Nango                              -           Commissioner for Gou-nwolaila District

Edwin T. Davies                                 -           County Inspector


Goue-Bokomu Statutory District

Vangbanan K. Wymon                       -           Statutory Superintendent

Edwin Korpulo                                   -           Assistant Statutory Superintendent

Paul Yekel                                           -           Statutory District Inspector

David Stephen                                    -           Statutory Relieving Commissioner


Township Commissioner

Peter Flomo                                         -           Belleyala Township Commissioner

Jeremiah Flomo                                   -           Fassama Township Commissioner


Bomi County

Adama J. Robinson                             -           Superintendent, Bomi County

Victor B. Johnson                               -           County Inspector, Bomi County

Amos M. Cooper                                -           Assistant Superintendent for Development

Roselyn M. Tokeh                              Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs Bomi County

Alphanso V. Kamara                          -           Commissioner, Dewein District

Edwin B. G. Kpingba                         -           Commissioner, Tehr District

Momo P. Seh                                      -           Commissioner, Klay District

Maima B. Free                                    -           Commissioner, Senjeh District

Obediah K. Varney                             -           City Mayor, Tubmanburg

Sarah R. Karnley                                 -           Township Commissioner, Klay Township

Varney G. Jallah                                 -           Land Commissioner, Bomi County

Sando D. Folley                                  -           Relieving Commissioner, Bomi County


Klay District

Momo P. Seh                                      -           District Commissioner, Klay Town, Klay District

Sarah R. Karnley                                 -           Township Commissioner, Klay Township


Suehn/Mecca Statutory District

Jumah E. S. Goll                                 -           Statutory Superintendent

Momo G. Siryon                                 -           Development Superintendent

Boakai Dukuly                                    -           Commissioner

Varfee Sirleaf                                      -           Land Commissioner

George Hulbert                                   -           Township Commissioner, Suehn Township                                                                                       



Cecelia Jolo                                         -           City Mayor, Zwedru City

Wilson Z. Deleth                                 -           Superintendent, Gbarzon Statutory District

P. William Gbarjolo                            -           Inspector, Gbarzon Stautory District

David Nyonsean Togbasie                  -           Land Commissioner, Gbarzon Statutory District

Alphonso Wrotto                                -           Township Commissioner,

Kai Farley Towns

William Quartis  -- Township Commissioner, B’hai   

                                                                        Administrative District


Sam Tody                                            -           District Commissioner, Gboe/Tloe Administrative District

Nelson Kosso                                      -           District Commissioner, Gbao Administrative



Prince Seo                                           -           Local Aide-de-Camp

Arthur Peal                                          -           City Mayor, Jarwoodee

Benson Dunner                                   -           City Mayor, Ziah

Moses Monroe                                    -           Toe City Major

Milton Sharty                                      -           Inspector,   B’hai District

S.K. Sobue Wulue                              -           Commissioner, Tchien Administrative District

Daniel Zohn Grear                              -           Commissioner, Cavalla Administrative District

Philip Geneyan                                    -           City Mayor, Zleh




Washington Yonly                              -           Project Planner

Moses Dweh                                       -           Land Commissioner



Paul T. Neeo, Sr.                                 -           County Inspector

Henry B. Freeman                               -           Relieving Commissioner



 Jerome Dweh                                     -           Commissioner, Tarlueville Township

Harrison D. Ninneh                             -           Commissioner, Tofoi Township

Naykeomu Naynyeeh             -           Commissioner, Duogee Township

Doris Juan                                           -           Commissioner, Toe Township

Junior Todey                                       -           District Inspector

Blowah Gahai                                     -           Commissioner, Baileyville Township

Amos Gbeyor                                      -           Commissioner, Suaken Township

George Towah                                    -           Commissioner, Jarjoy Township

Isaiah Sayouah Seoh                           -           Commissioner, Gurjarla Township


Arth Yonton                                       -           Commissioner, Cheyee Gbutu Township

Chayee Bantoe                                    -           Commissioner, Podee Township

Richard Dweh                         -           Commissioner, Boe-Gee Won Township

Isaac Gweh                                         -           Commissioner, Kaola Faoley Township

Prince Tartey                                       -           Commissioner, Blayee Jailah Township

Peter Niah                                           -           Commissioner, Nenebo Township



Meanwhile, these nominations and appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.