President Weah Makes Further Nominations, Appointments in Government

Monday, 19th March 2018

Monrovia, Liberia: President George Manneh Weah has made further nominations and appointments in government affecting the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Post & Telecommunications and Defense.

Those nominated and appointed include:


Ministry of Internal Affairs - Local Government


Grand Bassa County


Benjamin Greaves                                         -           Commissioner, Hardlandsville Township

Emmanuel K. Taylue                                     -           Commissioner, Neekreen Township

Ruth Sawmadal                                             -            Assistant Minister for Administration


Sinoe County


Otis Seeton                                                     -           Mayor, Greenville City

Barbara Keah-                                                                  Assistant Superintendent for Development

Gift Morris                                                     -           Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs

Augustine G. Swen                                        -           County Inspector



Ministry of Post and Telecommunications


Prosper Brown                                             -           Deputy Minister for Technical Services

Edwin Kumon                                                -           Deputy Minister for Postal Operations


Ministry of National Defense: Armed Forces of Liberia


Col. Geraldine George                                   -           Deputy Chief of Staff

Anthony Kai Jelly                                              -           Assistant Minister for Civil Works


Meanwhile, these nominations and appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.