President Weah Makes More Nominations, Appointments in Government

Tuesday, 27th March 2018

Monrovia, Liberia - President George Manneh Weah has made more nominations and appointments in government affecting the Ministries of Labour, Internal Affairs and Commerce respectively.



Chedepo District


J. Bolton Dwehseuen                                    -           District Commissioner

Fulton Pah                                         -           Township Commissioner

Quiee Nyanmah                                 -           Township Commissioner


Potupo District


Robert Dweh                                     -           District Commissioner, Potapo Dstrict

Saylee Slopaw                                    -           Township Commissioner, Kayken Township

SK Toe Wesseh                                 -           Township Commissioner, Menorwinyea



Lofa County


Dr. Samuel K. Ngaima Sr                      -            President, Lofa Community College


Samuel Mulbah                                    -           Assistant Superintendent for Development

Flomo M. Jamah                                  -           Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs

Ballawala Kollieblee                            -           County Inspector

Korto Harris                                         -           Mayor, Voinjama City

Forkpah K. Jallah                                -           Relieving Commissioner


Salayea District


Ben K. Gorlema                                   -           Commissioner

Yamah Tabolo                         -           Mayor, Salayea City


Zorzor District


Joseph Bedell                                      -           Commissioner

Garmai Gbelee                         -           Mayor, Zorzor City

J. Lavala Bannah                                 -           Commissioner, Zolowo Township


Voinjama District


Albert B. Saylee                                   -           Commissioner


Quardu-Gboni District


Seleke Kamara                         -           Commissioner

J. Sumawolo Kanteh                            -           Barkedu Township


Lukambeh District


Anthony Armah                                   -           Commissioner


Wanhassa District


Famata Russell                         -           Commissioner


Kolahun District


Addullai Kaiffa Tulay                         -           Commissioner

Jackson Boakai                                    -           Mayor, Kolahun City


Vahun District


Moahammed B. Momoh                      -           Commissioner


Foyah District


J. Clarence Sandie                               -           Statutory Superintendent

Moses Sonjor                                       -           Assistant Superintendent for Development

James T. Dorngah                                -           Commissioner

Cecelia T. Hallie                                  -           Mayor, Foya City


Ministry of Commerce and Industry


Alphonso S Kuiah                               -           Assistant Minister for Administration



Meanwhile, these nominations and appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.