President Weah Describes New RIA Terminal ‘Dream Come True’

Saturday, 27th July 2019
President Weah and former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf lead others to cut the ribbon
President Weah and former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf lead others to cut the ribbon
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Monrovia, Liberia: The President of the Republic, His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah, has expressed delight over the completion of the new Roberts International Airport (RIA) Terminal. He also praised the donor of the project, the People’s Republic of China, for its progressive and consistent development assistance to Liberia.


Officially dedicating the RIA Terminal Thursday, July 25, 2019, The President said China’s development assistance to Liberia has reached new heights that signify the strength and cohesiveness of the bilateral ties subsisting between the countries.


He said the new Terminal Building at the nation’s premier airport is a dream come true as Liberia seeks to transform the Airport and aviation facilities to get on par with those of other countries on the African Continent.


Liberia celebrates two recent landmark state-of-the-art structures—the new Roberts International Airport (RIA) Terminal and Ministerial Complex – constructed from huge financial assistance of China as part of its demonstrated support to Liberia’s development drive.


President Weah said China’s assistance to Liberia bears testimony to the maxim, “A friend in need is a friend in deed.”


The Liberian Chief Executive on behalf of the Government and people of Liberia expressed his thanks and appreciation “to our friend, the People’s Republic of China for making a dream come true.”


The President also disclosed that China-Liberia bilateral friendship, which espouses the One-China Policy, remains strong and is a win-win cooperation for the two countries.


President Weah particularly thanked his predecessor, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, under whose leadership the new RIA Terminal Project was negotiated.


He also thanked the 53rd National Legislature of which he was part, as Senator of Montserrado County, for ratifying the financing agreement that led to the construction of the Terminal.


President Weah said the construction of the Terminal has brought pride to Liberia, as it would help mitigate the criticisms and inconveniences endured over time for the cramped and untidy outlook of the old terminal building.


He told the delighted audience: “This is a facelift for us and now we can say we are the oldest Independent African State. As Liberians, we are indeed proud.”


“My Government’s plan is to make the RIA regain its place as an aviation hub in West Africa and we intend to do this by expanding the facility with additional construction of new Terminal B.”


The Liberian Leader cautioned the management of the RIA to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the Terminal as a major priority, vowing to conduct periodic inspection of the facilities from time to time.


On behalf of the people and government of China, Special Envoy on China-Africa Cooperation, Zhou Yuxiao, said his country was proud to be part of Liberia’s development transformation, stating that the RIA Terminal will play it pivotal role in the Country’s social and economic development.


The Chinese Envoy said the Terminal Complex was built by the China Harbor Engineering Company and that it has advanced equipment and computer functions as an important service facility for the airport.


“It will provide passengers with services quality, improved airport transportation efficiency and raise Liberia’s status as major hub in Western Africa,” Mr. Zhou emphasized.


Also, on Thursday, July 25, 2019 our Chinese counterparts turned over to the Government and people of Liberia the new Ministerial Complex.


Making remarks on behalf of President Weah, Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor thanked the government and people of the People’s Republic of China for standing with Liberia.


She described China as a true friend of Liberia that is always willing to lend a helping hand to Liberia.


“The Government and people of Liberia will forever remain grateful to the Government and people of China for this magnanimous gift,” the Liberian Vice President said.


She used the occasion to thank former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for initiating the ministerial complex project completed by the Government of President George Manneh Weah.


The Ministerial Complex, which is part of the tremendous development assistance China is providing to Liberia, is an outcome of an Economic and Technical Cooperation in keeping with a collaborative agenda on trade, infrastructure and capacity building between the two countries.


In September 2012, the governments of China and Liberia signed a supplementary technical support coordination agreement for the construction of the Ministerial Complex.


Five ministries and one agency of government including the Education, Labor, Gender and Development, Commerce, Agriculture as well as the Civil Service Agency, are expected to occupy the modern complex, thus easing huge financial burdens on government for rented buildings.