District Commissioners for seven counties nominated

Monday, 23rd October 2006

Monrovia, Liberia - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has nominated district commissioners in seven Counties pending confirmation by the Liberian Senate. The officials nominated are directed to assume their duties pending their confirmation upon the Liberian Senate’s return from recess.

Those nominated are as follows: Sinoe County: Peter Doe-Sieh, Bodae District; Adam T. Doe, Bokon District; Glasco Wiah, Butaw District; Thomas T. Toe, Dugbe River District; Joseph Nimely, Greenville District; Daniel Swen, Jadae District; Bedjueh McCauley, Jadepo District; Bestman Saydee, Juarzon District; Amos Dweh, Kpanyan District; Phillip Pantoe, Kulu/Shaw/Boe Distridt; Joseph Tuleh, Planh/Nyran District; William Clarke, Pyne Town District; J. Tujaylay Tugbah, Seekon District; Nehemiah Saydee, Wedjah District; Nah Gbawleh, District 1; Stephen Nimely, District 2, and Roland T. Polloh, District. 3.

Gbarpolu County: Ajubah Siryon, Bopolu District; Thomas Crawu, Bokomu District; Isaac Taweh, Gbarma District; Moses Wallah, Gou-Nwolala  District; Jeremiah Y. Flomo, Fassamah District; Jallah Massaquoi, Belle Yallah District; Jonathan E. Tarnue, Belle District and David Zoe, Kongba District.

Grand Kru County: James N. Hney, Garaway District; Sunday S. Poe, Sr., Blebo Disrict; Napoleon S. Toe, Trembo District; Vincent Putu, Nokwia-Weslo District; Leo B. Toe, Jekwikpo-Felio District; Stephen N. Wueh, Gee District; Peter Wiah Tor, Kpi District and P. Wiah Nimene, Fenetoe District.

Grand Cape Mount County: Mambu Sonii, Garwula District; Clarence Falnbulleh, Tawor District; Phillip Quaye, Porkpa District and Amos Musa, Gola Konneh District.

Maryland County: Fred H. Bartoe, Jr., Gwelekpokeh District; John K. Wallace, Nyonken District;  Thomas Wesseh, Whojah District; Sylvester Kwarbo, Karluway District # 1; Kobia Davis, Karluway District# 2; Aloysius Hne, Pleebo/Sodoken District and Alfred T. Thompson, Harper District.

River Gee County: Henry Jah, Chedepo District; Gideon Socroe, Gabaepo Disrict; Saylee Swen, Potupo District; Harry Teah, Glarro District; Regina Nyenpan, Sarbo District and A. Worfrod Weahdutu, Nvanwillke District.

Rivercess County: Nathaniel During, Doedain District; Richmond A. G. Fleming, Jo-River District; Thomas G. Gbadyu, Nyuwein District; James T. Jomah, Central Rivercess District; Edward N. T. Gbordoe, Fen River District; Borbor Y. Boeyen, Zarfien District; Richard Blamo, Sanee-Gbalor District and Augustus B. Richards, Beah-Worh District.