President Weah Unveils Additional Plans for AFL Vibrancy

Wednesday, 12th February 2020
Dr George Manneh Weah
Dr George Manneh Weah

Monrovia, Liberia - The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia, Dr. George Manneh Weah whose administration is building the country’s first-ever military hospital has released various orders to appropriate government agencies towards mainstreaming the national army into productive initiatives of national significance.


Making remarks at the 63rd Anniversary of the Armed Force of Liberia, President Weah ordered the Ministries of Education and Defense to begin the renovation of all schools situated in barracks around the country—an apparent boast for the education of children and wards of members of the AFL.


The Commander-in-Chief also instructed the leadership of the AFL and the Ministry of National Defense to immediately revitalize its Agriculture Company so as to make the army a key linchpin in Government’s agricultural production initiative.


“I therefore hereby instruct the Minister of National Defense and the Chief of Staff of the AFL to begin the immediate development of a policy framework for the re-activation of the Armed Forces Agriculture Company,” the President said, noting that “this should also include the identification and assessment of all lands belonging to the Armed Forces of Liberia, that are arable and feasible for agriculture productivity.”


The President said the welfare of troops remains a priority of his Government, and in this regard “we feel a duty and an obligation to ensure that the children of military families receive quality education.”


He directed the Minister of Defense, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, to work out modalities for the immediate renovation of all schools within military barracks, and to develop the necessary plans to consolidate these schools under a single district, to be named the “Armed Forces of Liberia School District”.


Under these arrangements, the President said, qualified administrators and instructors will be provided and supervised by the Ministry of Defense and monitored by the Ministry of Education.


Chief Executive asserted: “We will continue to engage our bilateral partners to support our efforts in the revitalization of the new Agriculture Company, and the consolidation of our military schools.”


Since his ascendency to the Liberian Presidency, President Weah has made several policy moves positioning the Liberian armed forces into the heart of the national development mosaic.


He spoke of a range of challenges his administration has addressed upon taking the mantle of power.


“For example, we have begun the renovation of existing military barracks to facilitate de-congestion of the current facilities. Additionally, we will seek further support from Government to modernize and expand the barracks with paved roads and proper sports and recreational facilities,” said the President.


He added: “We have also deployed new equipment and hardware, such as armored personal carriers, to give our military personnel protected and efficient mobility.”


On the medical front, the President said: “Two years ago, in my first Armed Forces Day address, I announced the construction of a Military Hospital, to be the first of its kind in our history that would focus on the special medical needs of our soldiers, as well as their families, both at home and abroad. Yesterday, we completed our final inspection of the hospital, which was most satisfactory.”


He said the 14 Military Hospital is nearing completion, and will soon be dedicated and fully operational, to cater to the critical health needs of servicemen and women and their families, as well as the citizens living in nearby communities.