Pres. Weah Sets Up COVID 19 Food Support Steering Committee

Saturday, 18th April 2020

Photo Credit: Executive Mansion

 Monrovia, Liberia: President George Manneh Weah has appointed a National Steering Committee to provide oversight to the COVID-19 Household Food Support Program (COHFSP).


Recently, in his State of Emergency Letter to the National Legislature, President Weah requested the National Legislature to re-appropriate US$ 25 million from the FY 2019/20 National Budget for COHFSP, to be implemented by the World Food Program. The president in that letter promised to appoint a National Steering Committee to provide oversight and prescribe rules for the COHFSP. 


Membership of COHFSP’s National Steering Committee is as follows:

1. Ministry of Commerce and Industry– Chair

2. Ministry of Agriculture – Co-Chair

3. World Food Program    -- Secretary

4. Ministry of State

5. Ministry of Finance and Development Planning

6. Ministry of Information and Cultural Affairs and Tourism

7. Ministry of Justice

8. Executive Committee on Coronavirus

9. National Security Council

10. Two representatives from Civil Society

11. Two representatives from the CPP

12. Two representatives from Other Political parties

13. Two representative from the Christian community

14. Two representative from the Muslim community

15. Two representatives from the Youth and student community

16. One representative from Women Groups

17. One Representative from the Coalition of Political Parties Women of Liberia 

18. Representative from United Nations Organizations

19. Representative from the International Monetary Fund

20. Ministry of Gender, Children & social Protection 

21. One Reprsentative of Disabled Community

22. Representative from the World Bank


In his letter to different members of the Committee, President Weah noted that the National Committee set-up is in line with an inclusive, all-of-Government, all-of-society approach the Government of Liberia has adopted at this stage of the National Response to COVID-19. The president disclosed that he has mandated the development of a clear Terms of Reference to guard the Steering Committee’s oversight and admonished members of the Committee to bring their very best expertise and contribution to the Committee’s work.