President Weah Promises Liberian Youth Country They Will Be Proud Of

Monday, 24th August 2020

Photo Credit: Executive Mansion


(Monrovia, Liberia): The President of the Republic, H. E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, has reassured Liberians, particularly young people, that he remains unwaveringly committed to developing Liberia in a way that everyone would be proud of it.

President Weah said he would do all within his power to turn over to the youthful generation a Liberia they would cherish and boast of.


The Liberian Leader made the statement Monday, August 24, 2020 at the occasion commemorating National Flag Day as he acknowledged the “inspiring and insightful message” delivered by the youthful Flag Day Orator, Ms. Mamensie Kaba, Assistant Minister for Administration, Ministry of Gender.


“Let me offer my personal congratulations to our National Flag Day Orator, Hon. Mamensie Kabba, Assistant Minister for Administration, Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection, for such an inspiring and insightful message today," the Chief Executive said. “Madam Kaba's message was also very uplifting, particularly at this time when Liberia and the rest of the world battle the COVID 19 pandemic.” 

"I am very proud of you, Hon. Kabba.  You represent the next generation of youthful Liberians that will follow us, and you give us hope for the future," the President noted.

The Liberian Chief Executive recalled that the unveiling of the National Flag was  part of sacrifices born by the founding fathers of the Republic for a prosperous Nation that would deliver liberty and freedom for all.

Earlier, the National Flag Day Orator denounced the current unprecedented plague of societal nuisances seen in the constant perpetuation of sexual and gender based violence, mainly the raping of women, girls and children.


“As the flag waves, let those evil and heartless boys and men who rape our children, girls and women wave goodbye to those undesirable mindsets and attitudes of committing rape and other sexual gender-based violence,” the Flag Day’s orator said.

"Rape must not only be minimized, but also must be stopped as the lives and future of our children, girls, and women matter,” she further admonished Liberians. “Get your knees of rape and sexual gender-based violence off the necks of our girls, children and women in Liberia.”

She also reminded Liberians that no citizens’ ambition should be placed above the national interest, adding that no one should hold the country hostage or backward to satisfy his or her personal ambition.

"Liberia is far bigger than the ambition of a few persons who will participate in the elections in December," the Flag Day’s orator stated.

She called on  all to put Liberia first. "Allow me to suggest that if there is none that we can really point to, then we need to mobilize around the spirit of UNITY.”

Madam Kabba suggested that Liberians needed  unity more than ever before, nothing, "as we fight the deadly COVID 19 Pandemic,  I believe that there is much more that unites us as Liberians than that which divides us."

According to the Orator, if Liberians become united, they would draw up enough strengths to work together to consolidate any progress they have accomplished and to build a more viable nation for future generations.

Madam Kabba called on Liberians to join  President Weah’s well-placed efforts to widen the socioeconomic and political space that facilitates equal and increased participation of all Liberians, particularly  girls and women, in decision making.

She thanked President Weah for constituting a “Ministerial Task Force” on rape as well as the commitment made to nip rape in the bud.

Also speaking at the ceremony held in the conference room of the Ministerial Complex was Education Minister, D. Ansu Sonii who denounced the vexing wave of rape permeating the society.

He said the Government was fully committed to bringing the menace under complete control.

Minister Sonii emphasized that the Government would go to every length of its strength to stamp out the sexual gender-based violence pandemic by visiting upon perpetrators the harshest penalty possible under the law.