President Weah Nurses Nostalgia of Youthful Days in Gorblee as He Drops Development Packages for Residents

Friday, 23rd April 2021
President Weah and delegation heading to dedicate Gorblee Market
President Weah and delegation heading to dedicate Gorblee Market
Photo Credit: Executive Mansion

(Gorblee, Grand Bassa County): Growing up as a youth, the President of Liberia, Dr. George Manneh Weah had a touch of interior life, including living in the town of Gorblee in Grand Bassa County; thanks to his late uncle, Moses Blee, who used to take him to this populated village, giving him the opportunity to showcase himself playing for Young Barrolle Football Club.

Little did the late Blee and the residents of this populated town located Wee Statutory District or Electoral District #4, Grand Bassa County know that this lad who was entertaining them by his dexterous soccer skills would reign supreme in the fields of sports and politics. He, too, might not have known.


But as he conquered the world, despite the cursory experience with Gorblee, he has never forgotten it. In fact, he had longed to return one day.


Friday, April 23, 2021 unpeeled his nostalgia, even if it was for just three hours. This time he was not the lad playing football at the delight of onlookers around the vegetation-sandwiched grass field of Gorblee. He was the 24th President of Liberia.


The only moment that draws some similarity between the two epochs—the days of George Oppong Weah paying sporadic visits to the community and showcasing the electrifying soccer acumen on one hand, and the adult days of His Excellency George Manneh Weah as President of Liberia on the other—was that the people of Gorblee awed as usual in awed ecstasy laying eyes on him in ovation.  


"I am excited to be here, in the town of Gorblee, a place where I experienced my youthful life,” the President reminisced his youthful days at a town hall meeting after a riotous welcome by the people.  “Gorblee is my home and I am glad to be at home. It’s feels good to be back home with you.”


“This is my place. You are my people. I will make sure to give you what you need,” President Weah continued, looking about in the audience as if he wanted to have an eye contact with a resident he readily would recognize.


President Weah said there was no need for people of Gorblee to worry as he will ensure that they have what they wish.

Among others things, he committed himself to electrifying the main Gorblee Street with scores of solar light, extend housing project to the community,  equip the science laboratory of Gorblee High School, build a playground through the First Lady and provide chairs to the school.

President Weah also promised to upgrade the football field he used to play on while growing up in Gorblee. He assured citizens that he would work with the Legislature, and if need be, to consider budgetary allocation for the pavement of the road to Gorblee.

More besides, he promised to hold consultation with the management of the Liberian Agricultural Company (LAC) to do its corporate social responsibility to the people and their community.


The President also granted scholarship up to Master Degree to Ms. Comfort Ross, the student who brilliantly read a petition statement on behalf of the students community of Gorblee.

He dedicated a huge market building constructed by the government of Liberia in the community.

Earlier, residents of Gorblee heaped praises and blessings on President Weah for not forgetting the community, for paying a visit and for leading the country in a positive direction.


“We will support you for as long as you remain president and want to be president in this country,” a resident remarked. “You are one of us,” the Resident continued.


The youth of Gorblee also called on the President to ensure the ratification of the LAC Agreement signed since 1959.