“Foya Is High on My Mind,” President Weah Declares as Kolahun Gives Him Most Rousing Welcome Ever in Its History

Monday, 7th June 2021

Photo Credit: Executive Mansion

Foya, Lofa County - The President of the Republic, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, has broken another record as the first sitting President to receive the highest turnout of residents welcoming him and entourage in the district.

Thousands of citizens swarmed the main streets of the two important cities in a manner said to be unmatched in the history of the community.


Addressing the thousands of Foya residents who had jam-packed the football pitch on Saturday, June 5, 2021, President Weah thanked the people of Foya for welcoming him in such an ecstatic manner, stressing that he has special love for Foya.

“Thank you, people of Lofa. Thank you, people of Foya. Thank you for making me comfortable. Indeed, Lofa has fallen to the national drive for transformation,” the President said overlooking the endless streams of locals gracing a town hall meeting in Foya.

“There were naysayers who had said you would snub me upon my arrival here; that you will not come out to welcome me. But you have proven them wrong. See how you came out in your numbers. I am enthralled. I am proud. Thank you,” Dr Weah said.


Apparently touched by the repeated requests by citizens to help develop their long neglected district, Foya, which is the home of a former Vice President and now major opposition figure, President Weah assured people of his preparedness to change the situation.

“We will develop your city. Foya will be laid out. The streets will be paved, I can assure you,” the Chief Executive disclosed, greeted by deafening jubilation of the people.

President Weah told citizens that Foya, as a border town to Sierra Leone, needed to be developed to serve as first impression for those coming into the country through that corridor.

Among other things, President Weah assured youths of Foya of his commitment to fulfill their dreams, including the upgrading of the football pitch in the city.


President Weah, a football legend, said he cannot be ashamed to do more for football development so that Liberia can again produce another world best player like him.


The Liberian Leader has also given hope to the disabled community of Foya, with a promise to construct a 20-bedroom facility.

He called on the Legislative Caucus of Lofa to work with him achieve much needed development in Foya.

The President noted: “I will be depending on you for Lofa to succeed. In the shortest time, Foya will succeed. I have a special love for Foya and the people of the place.”

Lofa being the home of embattled senator-elect Brownie Samukai, and based on requests by some citizens for the President’s intervention in the Samukai quagmire, the Chief Executive said:
“The issue of Mr. Samukai is a matter of law. As President, I can’t interfere with legal matters.”

Call to transform energy into action

Calling for peace and reconciliation in Foya, President Weah urged the residents of that district and the entire county to place more emphasis on the transformation of the country, rather than backbiting and criticizing efforts geared towards Development.

“Fellow Liberians, people of Foya, I call on you to transform your energy into building our country. The energy we get to talk, we must use same to develop this country," President Weah stressed.

Earlier in Kolahun, the oldest city in Lofa since 1975, President Weah assured residents of extending government's development overtures.

He promised do more for rural areas as a way of empowering citizens to improve their living conditions.