Pres. Weah Sets Up National Bicentennial Sub-Committees

Saturday, 30th October 2021

Photo Credit: Executive Mansion

Monrovia, Liberia - The President of the Republic, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah has set up Sub-Committees to aid the work of the National Bicentennial Steering Committee.


Dr. Weah appointed chairs, co-chairs, and members of several subcommittees based on recommendations from the Steering Committee's National Coordinator, Minister Nathaniel F. McGill, and National Chairman, Minister Ledgerhood Julius Rennie.


The subcommittees were appointed by the President on Saturday, October 30, 2021, and are tasked with planning activities for the successful hosting of the Bicentennial Celebration for the Republic of Liberia.


Primarily, the subcommittees are to design and execute strategies, programs, and activities for the successful hosting of national events planned to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Republic.


The subcommittees are expected to:

• Convene meetings of its members weekly, confirming responsibilities and liaising closely with the technical secretariat in the development of its work program;

• Prepare a plan of action for each month and develop programs, including an estimate of any expenses expected, for approval by the National Steering Committee;

• Present reports either weekly or bi-weekly and recommend actions necessary for the steering committee’s endorsement or approval.


The Liberian Chief Executive congratulated members of the committees for their preferment for this significant national endeavor as their expertise and support in implementing a successful Bicentennial celebration are cardinal.


Sub-Committees of the National Bicentennial Steering Committee dubbed: "The Land of Return" are to begin work immediately.

They include:


University of Liberia                                                                Chairman



National Investment Commission                                           -Chairman

Ministry of Finance and Development Planning                    - Co-Chair



Ministry of information                                                              – Chairman

LINTA                                                                                        - Co-Chair

Heritage Liberia, FDA, Ministry of Commerce and industry,

US Embassy, World Chimpanzee Foundation,

Liberia Revenue Authority, Liberia Maritime Authority,

LACE, the Collective Society                                                     - Members


Culture and Tradition

Ministry of Internal Affairs                                                            – Chairman

Ministry of information                                                                  - Co-Chair

National Traditional Council, Crusader for Peace                        - Members


Hospitality ( Lodging and Transportation)

General Service Agency                                                                -Chairman

Ministry of Foreign Affairs                                                              -Co-Chair

Former US Congressman, Edward Royce

(Responsible for US Assistance)                                                  - Ex Officio

LTA, Deputy Minister Andy Quamie - MYS,

Monrovia City Corporation; National Social Security and

Welfare Corporation, Ministry of Gender,

National Transit Authority                                                               - Members



Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs                                         - Chairman

Amb. George S. Patten                                                                  - Co-Chair


Protocol and Invitation

Chief of Protocol RL                                                                        - Chairman

Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs                                           - Co-Chair

Ministry of Foreign Affairs                                                                - Member



Ministry of State                                                                               - Chairman


City Beautification

Monrovia City Corporation                                                                 - Chairman

Ministry of Public Works                                                                    - Co-Chair


MoD. LEC, LWSC, US Embassy                                                        - Members



Ministry of Justice                                                                                  - Chairman

Ministry of Defense                                                                                - Co-Chair

National Security Advisor; Joint Security of Liberia,

Executive Protection Service                                                                  -Members



Liberia Council of Churches                                                                    - Chairman

National Muslim Council                                                                           - Co-Chair

Providence Baptist Church,

Grassroots Churches of Liberia                                                               - Members



Ministry of Gender & Social Protection                                                  - Chairman

Monrovia City Corporation                                                                        -Co-Chair

LTA, Crusader for Peace, Ministry of Youth and Sports,

Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Education,

Federation of Liberia Youth                                                                      - Members



Ministry of Health                                                                                        - Chairman

John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital                                                           - Co-Chair

National Public Health Institute of Liberia,

Dental and Medical Association                                                                - Members


Media, Marketing and Branding

Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs & Tourism                                    - Chairman

Hester Baker                                                                                            - Co-Chair

Press Union of Liberia, Liberia Broadcasting System                             - Members



Ministry of Youth and Sports                                                                    - Chairman