President Weah Reiterates Full Support to Persons with Disability

Friday, 3rd December 2021

Photo Credit: Executive Mansion
Monrovia, Liberia - The President of the Republic, Dr. George Manneh Weah, says he remains fully committed to implementing policies and programs that foster a favorable socioeconomic and political space that empowers Liberians with disability.
He said his government continues to embark upon programs intended to create equal access to health care services, education, and employment opportunities for all, including the disabled. 
“Where this is lacking, we will begin to take the necessary corrective steps to restore your basic and fundamental rights,” the President said in a statement at programs celebrating International Day of Persons with Disability Submit held at the Ministry Complex Thursday, December 3, 2021.
He President asserted: “I am here today to give you my fullest support. My Administration will continue to strive to improve the conditions in Liberia under which persons with disability must live,” the Chief Executive averred. “This will involve further facilitation of the work of organizations working in the sector, including the National Commission on Disabilities, which is overseen by Vice President Taylor in her capacity as Chairperson.”
He noted that Liberia has witnessed a significant increase in the number of disabled people since the end of the civil war, with many laboring at the lower end of the economic ladder. 
“This cannot be allowed to continue. We must be deliberate in providing the social services you need in the same manner that we support your able-bodied counterparts. No one should be left behind, or left out,” the President said further.   
He said the first national conference convened, especially to address the special needs of people with disability presents a perfect opportunity to highlight their plight for the world to see.
The President recalled that early this year, he gave an award to a man for being the best in the field of one of the most physically-demanding tasks in Liberia--Farming. 
“His name is Konah Kermi, and he won the Best Cassava Producer award at the Agriculture Fair in February, despite being physically challenged,” the President reflected.
“But Mr. Kermi is not alone.  We all know a lot of ‘Konah Kermi’s’ in our various communities. There are those men and women who, regardless of disability, constantly struggle to make a better life for themselves and their families. Their stories are true examples and illustrations of the determination and resilience of the human spirit.”
He encouraged people with disabilities to strive for a better life as Government makes efforts to empower them.
He continued: “There is a saying that disability is not inability. I fully concur with that statement because I believe that people with DISABILITIES have the ABILITY to contribute positively to the growth of our society. While we are all challenged in different ways, nothing should be allowed to preclude one from aspiring to reach his or her God-given potential.”