“Let’s Show Love to Each Other,” President Weah Says As He Lights National Christmas Tree

Friday, 17th December 2021

Monrovia, Liberia - The President of the Republic, Dr. George Manneh Weah, Friday, December 17, 2021, turned on the National Christmas Tree on the grounds of the Executive Mansion, describing this year’s Season as very special.


President Weah used the ceremony, which is an annual national ritual officially commencing the festive season in Liberia, to accentuate the objective of Christmas as a time to show love and warmth to families and friends and to also reach out to neighbors.


“Christmas is that time of the year when we share our love and warmth with families and friends,” the Liberian Leader said at the colorful ceremony graced by scores of citizens, government officials, and foreign dignitaries.



In line with the objective of the Christmas Season, President Weah implored Liberians to extend helping hands to others, show care and charity to neighbors in consonance with the Holy Bible that teaches mankind to love their neighbors as they do unto themselves.


The President specifically appealed to the people of Liberia to use this festive season to dispense whatever superficial partitions that have prevented them not to seek one another’s interest and showing love and care.


“Liberia has weathered so many storms including the harsh consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. Although we are not out of the woods, together we have managed to lessen the calamity experienced by other nations,” President Weah said indicating that the courage and fortitude demonstrated by Liberians amid the Covid-19 pandemic is a testimonial of the many challenges they resiliently endured since 1822, the founding of the Republic.


President Weah also said the pending  Bicentennial celebration which commemorates the arrival of the first batch of the Free Slaves 200 years ago is a reflection of the struggle for statehood.


“This is a celebration for all Liberians void of political, social, or religious affiliation,” he emphasized. He added that the Bicentennial is also aimed at showcasing the country’s rich history, tourism potential, investment opportunities, to consolidate with the Diaspora, and to forge stronger ties with the United States, as Liberia's foremost ally.