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President Weah

President Weah Weaves River Gee's Support, As Citizens Pledge To Stand With Him

Fish Town, Rive r Gee County - The President of the Republic and Standard-bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change, CDC, Dr. George Manneh Weah has been assured by the citizens of River Gee County that their votes are reserved for him in the October 10 polls to enable him to improve on the work he has begun.

A mammoth crowd of citizens of River Gee, particularly Fish Town, the capital city, Monday, October 2, 2023, poured from all walks of life to give President Weah and entourage a mammothly momentous welcome for what they called uplifting their county to an appreciative level of development.

At the political rally held at the mini football field, the people of Fish Town through chiefs and elders, market women and first-time voters promised to vote for President Weah overwhelmingly in appreciation of the level of work he has done in the county.

"Mr. President, our votes are for you and the CDC, " remarked Solomon Dweh unbehalf of first-time voters.

He said the President has proven great leadership ability over the last five years and that they are resolved to give him another six years mandate.

Mary Geplay Marketing Superintendent of Fish Town also thanked President Weah for always being there whenever he is called upon to intervene.

She specifically hailed the president for uplifting market women through the provision of financial resources to improve their businesses.

"We, the market women of River Fee, are with you, we thank you, Mr. president for keeping the peace of Liberia as well as projecting the image of the country positively," she went on saying. 

The women were buttressed by the men, saying that once their women have unanimously agreed to stand with the president, they, too, have resolved to vote for him.

"Once our women have agreed, the men and young people will vote for you as well, Mr. President, " stated the spokesman of the elders.

According to him, River Gee is done and is a no-go zone. "If other counties don't have reason to vote for you, River will do."

They informed President Weah that there was no need to meander through the woods to reach as far as River Gee because they had already made up their minds to be with him.

"Mr. President, thank you for making the campaign so easy for us because the work you have done over the years has campaigned for you," they said.

Addressing citizens of River Gee, President Weah thanked them for the confidence they reposed in him, for the love they have shown him and for committing to his 2nd term bid.

"I am here to see this road we all dream about," Pres. Weah asserted and added that the county would not be the same in his 2nd term.

The President assured citizens of River Gee that he would not make them shame and that they stand to reap more developments.

President Weah was earlier in Grand Gedeh County, where he rallied citizens' support to his 2nd term bid, informing them that his development record in the first six years of his presidency is unmatched to his predecessors.