Ailing Woman Hails First Lady’s Assistance

An ailing woman and mother of six children has expressed heartfelt gratitude to First Lady Clar Marie Weah for assisting her purchase medications prescribed by medics to treat her current health condition.
Madam Joana Wongbu, whose legs are swollen and stomach slightly enlarged, claims to be suffering from some medical complications including ‘kidney problem’.
Mrs. Weah, through her office on Monday, February 1, 2021, presented two-hundred, fifty US Dollars to assist Joanna pay the cost of her medical prescriptions.
Presenting the cash, Deputy Chief of Office Staff, James K. Kortu, Jr. said the First Lady’s intervention demonstrated her commitment to addressing issues affecting the overall growth and development of woman and girls.
Mr. Kortu said, though Mrs. Weah cannot reach all the women of Liberia, she is determined to help empower and uplift the lives of as many women and girls as she can.
Receiving the money, Joanna could not stop thanking the First Lady, stressing that she had suffered with her health condition for too long without being able to access treatment because of her inability to afford the cost.
Now that she has received some support to access medical treatment, the ailing woman said her hope of staying alive has been restored.
Meanwhile, Joanna has praised as compassionate the manner in which Mrs. Weah stopped to attend to her cry for help.
Joanna disclosed that the First Lady was conducting her regular weekend workout in Paynesville, when she suddenly met her and asked for an audience.
Without hesitating or turning down the request, Joanna explained, Mrs. Weah immediately stopped to listen with great interest; and after hearing her health concern, promised to assist.
According to the ailing woman, since the brief interaction, the First Lady’s Office has been in touch with her to ensure she was doing well.
Joanna however assured the First Lady and her Office that the money will be used to purchase the prescribed drugs to save her life.