"Woman of Her Word” - Bassa Residents Term First Lady Weah

Buchanan, Grand Bassa County - Several residents in Buchanan were on Wednesday amazed over the quick return of the First Lady, Clar Weah as promised since her last visit on April 16, 2018.

The residents were particularly surprised that the First Lady was seen with a truck load of assorted food and non-food items in fulfilment of her commitment to provide needed supplies to orphanages in Buchanan. 

During brief ceremonies welcoming the First Lady at the various orphanages, huge crowds chanted slogans calling Madam Weah a woman of her word. 

According to them, many persons who visited the orphanages and made commitments hardly fulfilled their promises but that the First Lady kept her word.

“Thank you so much Mama. Thank you for your promise, because you said it and you have done it,” the head of the Children Ministry, Deborah Grigsby said in a conversation with the First Lady.

At another Orphanage, the children sang songs of gratitude such as “Mama we love you ooo, Mama.”

Speaking earlier, the First Lady informed the respective orphanages she visited that she remains passionate about helping the children, stressing that she would not waiver on her commitment to doing such endeavor.

Mrs. Weah said she decided to help in order to address the issues of lack of adequate food and poor condition of the homes of the Orphanages because they topped the list of challenges at the various Orphanages.

Ambassador Weah then presented a huge consignment of assorted food and non-food supplies to each of the three Orphanages she visited and took along a team of contractors to assess the state of the children’s homes.

The items presented to each of the first two Orphanages include 10 bags of rice, corn meal, sugar, flour, 6 bags of powder milk, along with toiletries, sanitary materials and mosquito nets, among others.

She said the food supplies will also be provided regularly to the Orphanages on a quarterly basis.

The three beneficiaries included the God's Heritage, the Children Ministry Orphanage and the Mission for Orphans, Disadvantaged and Unaccompanied Children.

At the Mission for Orphans, Disadvantaged and Unaccompanied Children, MODUC, the First Lady handed out dozen of mattresses along with other materials.

Following her engagement with the Orphanages, the Liberian First Lady went out and about into two villages, including Chea Town and DuwenTown, distributing food to the elderly.

Several inhabitants who benefited from the rations expressed gratitude to the First Lady and the Superintendent of Grand Bassa County.