“Can-boy” Association Petitions VP Koung -Begs Inter-governmental Taskforce For A Time In Their Eviction

Office of the Vice President, Monrovia - The “Can-boy” Association of Liberia on Saturday, March 30, 2024, presented a petition to the Government of Liberia through Vice President Honorable Jeremiah Koung over the recent prohibition of combustible petroleum products in jars.

“Can-boys” are Petty traders who sell diesel fuel and gasoline in mayonnaise jars on various street corners in Monrovia and its environs.

The inter-governmental task force issued the prohibition recently with police carrying out raids to curb the illegal trade and clean the streets.

The Association’s President, Bobby Grewe in the petition requested the intervention of  VP Koung over their eviction while appealing for more time to have them finally relocate from the streets.

He further proposed the establishment of a mini-mobile exchange both along the streets and in other parts of Liberia for their use as part of a strategy to address the issue of illegal trade and keep the city clean.

In response, the Liberian Vice President applauded the Association for peacefully submitting a petition to the government through his office.
He recognized the contribution of “Can-boys” to the country’s economy while assuring that their concerns would be reviewed by the government.

Vice President Koung according to a release then admonished the group to remain peaceful as the Government looked into their concerns.
Vice President Koung maintained that the intent of the inter-governmental task force is not to go after Liberians who are struggling but to ensure the safety of the environment and keep it clean for the citizens.